How to Burn

To create Sanbenito t-shirts, we employ only the best resources. We use fabric of supreme quality, meticulously create curves, thoroughly control all the processes — from sewing to packing, working with the most extraordinary talents of Moscow.

1. Fabric

We only use the purest 100% cotton, its quality is the focus of special attention for us. This fabric of superior quality is brought from the best manufactures abroad and is hard for purchase in Europe.
Our cotton is crush-resistant, it retains shape after wash and easily withstands high-temperature processing.

2. Design and Tailoring

Sanbenito clothing is made using high-tensile yarn and special sewing patterns: the sewing technique and style of our t-shirts both consider shrinkage after high-temperature processing.

That is why they beautifully fit your body flattering your shape.

3. Dyeing and Printing

Readymade t-shirt is then dyed while boiling at a temperature of 90 degrees. Then graphic effects are manually applied using special pigments. For printing, we use high-quality Italian water-based paint. When absorbed into the fabric structure, it stays there forever: it neither   washes out nor cracks, and is felt as being a part of fabric on coming in contact with your body. Water-based paint breathes and keeps your body well ventilated. It will never cause any skin irritation.

4. Packaging

We have developed a very special gift pack: rough corrugated borders and elegant shell made from designer cardboard. It features “rubberized” matte finish and shiny lacquer, as well as premium bronze logo. Our aim is to provide our customers with the best possible service.

5. Quality Control

Before Sanbenito t-shirts first see the light, they undergo a few complex technological processes in five different industries under the eagle eye of our top specialists. The choice of fabric and style, unequaled tailoring, dyeing, boiling, discharging, pigmentation, printing, packaging and distinctive design make Sanbenito t-shirts a top quality, uniquely executed piece of art unmatched anywhere in the world market.

Go, Get it!